Thursday, September 9, 2010

If you had a 2000 word assignment on Time Travel to whip up in less than two days, would you start it or go to a warehouse party?

Weekends are old and gone, like JoJo's music career and "Fluro". Wednesday nights are when you can take off your pants because they're being inconvenient and get away with it. I Superman'ed my way through shutting doors on a train because it was Wednesday night. My bag got crunched and I left my friends behind but, what ever. Wednesday night gave me a new appreciation for pickup lines after hearing "I'm going to rail you" said to my friend too many times. The only person who is going to rail her, is me. The party got shut down far to early for a Wednesday night. Though I'm glad it did because something had to save me from the embarrassment I was giving myself by trying to hold a civil conversation with Kitty from Young Heretics. So to end the night, I microwaved a carrot. Wednesday night did it's justice. 

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