Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cloud nine. No hype.

Last night this came on the radio. This song is definitely leading in the race of 'best songs'. I honestly want it played at my funeral. I don't care when it's played, just make sure it is and get the ushers to hand out tin-foil helmets to everyone. That's my only input towards proceedings for that day.

In other speakings. I haven't had anything to post here in a while. I'm still mourning over the death of my cameras last batteries and I'm finding it hard to move on to buying new ones. Maybe if I look at my toothbrush's scraggly hair one more time, it'll convince me enough to go out today and buy a new one. Then while I'm out, I'll start a new family of batteries.
My life is interesting. I should start a blog.

So this weekend, even if it's spent lying at home listening to Phantogram who I just sinfully torrented the shit out of, I'll take photos of it and you will see them.
To make up for your lost time in reading this, watch Gang Gang Dance rip up his shit. Get ready to this song and don't hurt yourselves. Go live your weekend.

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